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The Aubergine offers one of Cape Town's most remarkable wine lists, weaving together the best local and international wines with the unique style of Harald Bresselschmidt's culinary creations. The wine experience is designed to ensure that the food and wine not only complement each other, but inspire one another, making the selection and interplay of the wine and food an integral part of the dining experience. All of South Africa's wine growing regions and grape varieties are represented from the most famous producers, to hard-to-get cult wines and some lesser known gems from smaller producers who create wines with passion and integrity. The hallmark of our cellar is that a wine only earns inclusion if it reflects genuine authenticity, a distinctive personality and a true sense of place or 'terroir'. A wide range of German Riesling and foreign wines is available. All our wines are treated with great care – they are housed in temperature and humidity-controlled cellars.

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Sommeliers are available to guide guests through the journey and geography of the Aubergine wine list to find wines that best complement the cuisine or introduce you to new wine experiences.

The Aubergine wine list is divided into the individual cultivars, each introduced by a short description of the general characteristics of the wine and a description of regions and producers. Some highlights of the wine list are listed below.